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Fish oil - Commercial grade pressed fish oil , works great on coon and mink or in lure formulation.
Alaskan Salmon Oil - A high-quality, clear oil strait from the cold waters up North. Has a good strong fresh salmon smell and is great on coon and mink and as a trailing scent. One of the most freeze proof of the fish oils.
Shellfish Oil - High quality, dynamite mink,coon, and otter attractant. Will mix well with other fish oils to give them a kick.
Super Fish Oil - This is a mixture of fish oil, salmon oil, and shellfish oil mixed into a waterproof base that really shines on the water line and works well in dogproof traps.
Fish oil
Salmon Oil
Shellfish Oil
Supper Fish Oil
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Beaver Tail Oil - This is a dark strong smelling oil from 100% sun rendered beaver tails. A old time coyote and cat lure that can be used strait or in making lures. 
Beaver Tail Oil
Alligator Oil - Sun Rendered Alligator oil has been a long time secret of Southern coyote trappers for many years. Not a heavy rotten smell but fairly smooth, works great for canines down dirt hole sets
Alligator Oil
Rabbit Urine - Pure rabbit has been a long time secret of Western trappers for problem coyotes for years. Camera studies have shown that when used down dirt holes it causes a strong digging reaction.
Rabbit Urine
Red Fox Urine
Coyote Urine
Bobcat Urine
Red Fox urine
Coyote Urine
Red Fox, Coyote, and Bobcat urine are great for trapping, cover scent for hunting and keeping pest away from gardens and flowers.
Bobcat Urine
Chicken Oil- Everything likes chicken, and everything likes Old South Chicken Oil. This sun rendered oil has a strong tainted chicken smell to it and will stay where it is put through a variety of weather conditions. Turns to a paste in cool weather. Limited supply
Chicken Oil